An outside, international organization that:

1 – Promotes civil disobedience



2 – Trains others to participate in illegal activities for the avowed purpose of causing disruption of government at any and all levels, and 



3 – Seeks to influence Denton’s public policy to make it consistent with its own agenda.



Rising Tide is an international organization whose stated cause is climate justice but whose activities include illegal disruptions and physical blockages of businesses involved in the fossil-fuel industry.



The organization has been under FBI scrutiny for several years and is closely associated with the International Socialist Organization and offshoots of the Occupy movement, among others.



Through its local chapters, Rising Tide organizes and trains supporters in a variety of techniques, including reconnaissance, infiltration, barricading, human and non-human blockading, tactics to occupy and defend spaces, organization of sit-ins, use of media, legal support, etc. The Denton chapter of Rising Tide is Blackland Prairie Rising Tide. 



In the May 7, 2016, municipal election, the organization is attempting to control the Denton City Council by running sympathizers, including the head of Blackland Prairie Rising Tide, for election and by recalling a sitting Councilman who ran unopposed in 2015. 



We cannot allow a strident, vocal minority drag Denton down into the chaos that politics at the federal and state level have too often become. IT CAN HAPPEN HERE unless concerned, informed citizens stand up against this “rising tide” of extremism.  

Pol. Adv. Paid by Citizens for Local Governance, Priscilla Sanders, Treasurer, PO Box 748, Denton, TX 76202